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Clay mask

Clay mask

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If you have oily skin you probably already know about clay masks, but did you know that clay masks are beneficial to all skin types - even dry skin. It is a matter of finding the best clay for your skin type. Choose from one of our specially formulated masks:

Cambrian Blue Clay Mask
The cambrian blue clay is known to be the oldest blue clay in the world. This unique clay will give you a wide array of essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Cambrian Blue clay works to remove extra water from your face decreasing any puffiness you may have. Do you have sensitive skin? The combination of Cambrian Blue and kaolin clays used in this face mask are perfect for irritated or sensitive skin. Helichrysum essential oil is great for scars, rashes, and hives and the earthy and natural yet aromatic scent will definitely
elevate your relaxation experience.

Dead Sea Clay Mask

The dead sea clay is packed with minerals and will provide natural exfoliation and restore your skin’s pH balance. The minerals will recharge the natural moisture and bring your face back to that radiant and soft equilibrium that you deserve. Cleopatra is believed to have included Dead Sea clay in her beauty routine. The calming hint of lavender met combined with tea tree essential oil will soothe and nourish your skin.

Yogurt & Clay Mask
Yogurt may be a light snack but in a clay mask it provides some heavy benefits. Pink clay is known as the gentlest of all clays and is beneficial or all skin types. French Pink Clay cleanses your skin helping to remove dead skin cells and achieve a full revitalized look. The combination of its light feel and extreme restorative abilities makes this mask a perfect choice for any skin type. French pink clay delivers a dose of natural minerals and treats your skin to all of the nourishment it needs. While Bentonite clay helps to soak up and remove toxins along with other impurities or chemicals, Marshmallow
root and calendula powder are believed to decrease skin inflammation.

To use combine 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon with a few drops of water (or use yogurt, milk, honey, etc.) in non-metal bowl and mix with a non-metal spoon or spatula form a paste, Apply to face and allow to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse and follow with facial toner and moisturizer/serum. Avoid use on sunburned or irritated skin. May be used 2 to 3 times per week.

Choose from trial size or full 2 oz size. Need a mixing bowl - add one of our handcrafted pottery bowls and treatment brushes to your order.

NOTE: If purchasing the sample size shipping will be overstate. We will refund the overpayment.

Cambrian Blue Clay: Cambrian Blue Clay, Kaolin Clay, helichrysum essential oil
Dead Sea Clay: Dead Sea Clay, Bentonite Clay, green tea powder, lavender and tea tree essential oils
Yogurt and Clay- French pink clay, bentonite clay, yogurt powder, marshmallow root powder, calendula powder, frankincense essential oil

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pink clay,Cambrian Blue clay,dead sea clay,essential oil,bentonite clay,kaolin clay,oogurt powder,calendula powder,green tea powder
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