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Old Spice Shaving Soap gift set

Old Spice Shaving Soap gift set

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Father knows best. Well at least as shaving goes. Remember how great he smelled just after he shaved? Or how soft and smooth his face felt. There is nothing quite like the manly art of the wet shave. Give that special man in your life - father, husband, son, boyfriend, brother or just a special friend - the gift of the shave. This kit includes our Bay Rum shaving soap along with a beautiful wooden bowl with lid and a shaving brush (note:  the pictured shave brush is no longer available - see the last photo for our current brush).

Our soap has been reformulated to provide you with a thick long lasting lather. It comes in a softer bar to make lathering easier and now has shea butter to condition your skin as you shave. Give it a try - you won't regret it!

Ingredients: water, stearic acid, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, shea butter, bay rum fragrance

All our soaps are handcrafted in small batches using either the cold or hot process methods which preserves the natural glycerin. Each bar is hand cut and no two will be exactly alike.

Please review the ingredient list and test for allergic reaction if you have a concern. Some essential oils should not be used on babies or pregnant women, and some may increase photosensitivity.

Soap bars will last longer if allowed to dry between uses. For best results do not allow soap to remain in standing or running water.

Listing is for one bar weighing approximately 3.5 with bowl and shaving brush.
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