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Rearing Horse glycerin soap, handmade soap, equestrian soap, equestrian gift, party favor

Rearing Horse glycerin soap, handmade soap, equestrian soap, equestrian gift, party favor

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This soap is adorned with a stately white horse and is absolutely gorgeous. The soaps are scented typically to match the background color. Examples: A popular scent is Wild Wild West which is a wild and sexy accord, combining top notes of Tumble Weeds, Basil Leaves, and Tonka Beans; followed by middle notes of Brushed Suede, Earthy Patchouli, and Amber Stone; all sitting on manly base notes of Aged Saddle Leather, Red Cedar, and Full Musk and fits most any color. Lavender and Cedar gives a natural yet rustic scent accord.

We can customize this soap to your specifications - i.e. background color and fragrance. We have made this with different color horses and believe a white horse with any color background results in a beautiful soap. Darker color horses look best on a dark background. This is a hefty bar of soap weighing in at 6+ ounces and measuring 2.75 inches by 3.75 inches - definitely larger than your typical bar of soap.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin soap base, colorant, and fragrance oil.

Our glycerin soaps are handcrafted in small batches using the finest vegetable glycerin soap base available. Each bar is individually made and each is unique.

Please review the ingredient list and test for allergic reaction if you have a concern. Some essential oils should not be used on babies or pregnant women, and some may increase photosensitivity.

Soap bars will last longer if allowed to dry between uses. For best results do not allow soap to remain in standing or running water.

Listing is for one bar weighing approximately 6 ounces.

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